eBlaztr Case


With the power of a desktop and the portability of a laptop, the eBlaztr is designed to be the ultimate solution for a no-compromise gaming experience anywhere.



eBlaztr PC Case – install the hardware of your choice

eBlaztr case with laser cut matte black powder-coated aluminium body; fibre reinforced functional parts, and stainless steel rails. 

Flat design SFF case.


The idea for the eBlaztr was based on the notion that gamers prefer desktop gaming PCs over laptops.

Desktop PCs are upgradable, better performing and a lot cheaper. But unfortunately, also a burden to bring anywhere. 

On the other hand, laptops have a reputation for performing poorly when used for extended periods, making them unreliable. Because of this, most gamers don’t consider laptops a viable solution for gaming.

There has been no real solution to this – until now.

And our goal is to make the first portable gaming desktop PC without compromising performance.



With its unique leg deployment system and compact design, bringing your battle station with you has never been easier.


Extreme cooling

The carefully designed case and strategically placed hardware allow for maximum airflow, ensuring optimal temperatures at all times.


Replaceable hardware

Hardware is constantly changing, and with the eBlaztr case, you can always upgrade to the latest and best hardware. Replacing your hardware has never been easier.


What is not included:

  • Monitor
  • Motherboard
  • Cpu
  • Ram
  • Cpu Cooler
  • GPU
  • Storage



Case with patented leg system.


USB Hub with cables:

2x USB 3.0

2x USB 2.0

Mic and headset jack

Ethernet port

Displayport cable for the monitor.

PCI 3.0 riser cable for GPU. 

4 x 2.5” space for storage

Screws for mounting GPU, CPU and monitor. 




Max size: 24,5” Monitor. 

Internal PSU

VESA 100×100.

Cable ports must be pointing down!

ITX Motherboard

CPU cooler 55mm max height. (Low profile cooler)



It’s portable.
It’s high performance.
It’s customisable

Bring it to the next level. Are you ready?

Additional information

Seasonic PSU

Seasonic Focus SPX 2021 Series SPX-750 750W SFX, i just need an eBlaztr