eBlaztr office PC


The cheapest version of the prebuilt eBlaztrs

This PC is designed for a cheap simple setup for the beginner who wants a solution that can be upgraded in the future. 

Designed for simple office tasks. Can handle small games like CS-GO

The hardware will be updated at delivery time. If the hardware doesn’t satisfy your needs, you are always welcome to use the preorder for an empty eBlaztr case.

eBlaztr office uses onboard graphics


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    The idea for the eBlaztr was based on the notion that gamers prefer desktop gaming PCs over laptops.

    Desktop PCs are upgradable, they give you better performance, and they are a lot cheaper. Unfortunately, they are a burden to bring with you anywhere. There is no real solution to this – until now.

    Laptops, on the other hand, have a reputation of easily overheating and not performing well over long periods of time, making them unreliable. Because of this, most gamers don’t consider a laptop a viable solution for gaming.

    Our goal is to make the first portable gaming desktop PC without compromising on performance.


    Ultra portable

    With its unique leg suspension system and compact design, bringing your battlestation with you has never been easier.


    High performance

    Equipped with the latest state of the art desktop gaming hardware, it crushes even the best of gaming laptops.


    Extreme cooling

    The carefully designed case and the strategically placed hardware allow for maximum airflow, ensuring optimal temperatures at all times.


    Replaceable hardware

    Hardware is constantly changing, and with the eBlaztr case you’ll always be able to have the latest hardware. Replacing your hardware has never been easier.


    It’s portable.
    It’s high performance.
    It’s customizable

    Bring it to the next level. You ready?

    Additional information

    Operating system

    Windows 10 Home


    Intel i5-11400 rocket lake CPU 6 core 2.6Ghz


    On board graphics


    Corsair vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 8GB


    Intenso SSD m.2 128GB


    Standard Intel cooler


    MSI H510I PRO

    Power Supply

    Be Quiet! SFX Power 3. 300 W


    SharkGaming SG24240 24.5" 240Hz Skærm

    GPU Max Length

    325 mm

    GPU Max Width

    160 mm

    GPU Max Height

    62 mm

    GPU Max PCI Slots

    3 pcs

    Height (collapsed)

    402 mm

    Height (fully extended)

    512 mm


    626 mm

    Depth (without monitor)

    80 mm

    Depth (with standard monitor)


    Weight (without hardware)

    6,8 kg

    Weight (with standard hardware)

    10,6 kg